TENSIXTIES = indie rock + electro × soul² > tomfoolery + escapism × (√facepaint, reckless abandon, repressed emotions²) + cheap whisky – office jobs + the 80s ÷ the age of chivalry + theatrics < the smell of fresh rain on hot asphalt ÷ outfits × banter + dancing² ✮ Raise your hand if you understand

► game over for now

After some great times, Tensixties are now taking a hiatus to work on other projects. thanks for all the support.

█▓▒ ♪♫ Raiseth Thy Hand EP


TENSIXTIES… Conceived in England… born in the Americas… raised in Argentina…

‘Los Tens’ are a collective of musician known for their up-tempo live performances, outfits, and cheap theatrics. They have released 3 EPs to date: ‘Raiseth Thy Hand’, ‘Alto voltage sessions’ and ‘Swine flu hype’.

After some great times in Buenos Aires, Tensixties are now taking an indefinite hiatus to work on other projects.

█▓▒► Videos ====

TENSIXTIES – ‘Soo Yankee’ official video release

Fast Tube by Casper

TENSIXTIES – ‘it burns’ official video release

Fast Tube by Casper

TENSIXTIES – ‘S.O.S’ live on Rock&Pop 95.9FM

Fast Tube by Casper

TENSIXTIES – ‘Red door’ acoustic for Sayyeah.tv

Fast Tube by Casper

█║▌│Influences ☆.¸¸.•´¯`

The age of chivalry, sweet tea, beach fires at night, bitterly cold weather, country clubs, China, whisky, latin girls dancing, our ancestors, 4 straight winters, Micro Korgs, thai food, sea voyages, a good old ruby murrey, tai chi, basel rathbone, argentine beef, chicken and waffles, sunsets, the battle of Hastings, Siddhartha, the country of Brazil, Tarzan, Winston Churchill, spicy hot food, king Arthur, the river mersey, The reverend, spring and autumn, dark rooms with low ceilings, beans on toast with cheese, ancient warriors, nightmares, sand underfoot, death, mountain lakes, tex mex, escapism, Ireland, knights & castles, surfing, old VWs, the swine flu, arizona, vikings, fernet, speeding on a motorbikes, drunken friends, the 80s, saturday morning sun…

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